Import an image for photo cutout, crop or resize

Knock Out Photo Backgrounds without Compromise.

There is no limit what you can do with this simple tool.
Got it. Let's GO!

Two ways to cut out objects from the background.

Use the Cut tool to draw a shape around the object you would like to cut out. Or start cutting click by click to get a more precise cutout. Either way you can adjust the shape even after the path is closed.

Feather the edges to smoothly blend it with the background.

Move the Feather slider to fuse it seamlessly to another picture until you get a perfect photo montage. Scroll below to get started!



It is fast, free, the most user friendly photo photo editor on the web. It is also secure as we don’t store any inserted images on the server.


No time to learn yet another photoshop? Unleash your creativity without trying to figure out how things work.


Less is more. We have ditched all unreasonable options in order to make it work out of the box. Given a resizable canvas with the best editing tools there are countless ways to make a photo montage.


Works on any browser, any computer, any device, even supports multitouch gestures for intuitive workflow on touch screens. No need to download any apps, no Flash, no nonsense.


This is probably the easiest way to change photo background online with a record time of isolating an image in just a few seconds. There is no need to download any app or professional software with cutout capabilities as it is included here for free with superb fine tuning possibilities. Because most other online photo editors were hard to use this was built from the ground up to be different. Import another photo for the background or just save it with white background.

We provide a user friendly method to cut background of an image. Instead of trying to inaccurately use one click “magic” tools for high price that leave you unsatisfied, here you can quickly mark areas you want to cut out, giving you complete control of the results. CutBG is easy background removal tool that even a kid can use!

Top Reasons why you should use it:
Instantly remove objects from the backgrounds in any photo
Create photomontage and collage
Cutting out objects
Prepare pictures of products for ecommerce
Creating isolated images with colored or transparent backgrounds
Remove background for Amazon, eBay, Shopify or Etsy product listings
Set background to transparent or any other picture
Easy to get started and user friendly interface
Download your image in popular graphic formats (PNG or JPG)
No technical or designer skills required

Finally the photo editor everyone has been waiting for


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